There are several dogs out there that need our love, care and support. It is our duty as human beings to offer them that love. If you naturally love animals, you’ve probably wondered what you can do to make a difference in the lives of dogs in shelters without necessarily adopting them: Well, there are several ways you can lend a helping hand to these foster dogs; modern technology even makes it easier to do so. Here are some ideas to get you started:

Foster a Rescue/Shelter Dog

Fostering is one of the ways you can use to help dogs in your local shelter or rescue center. If you have some time and extra space, you should consider providing a foster home to a homeless dog till a permanent home is found for him.

By fostering, you’re not only keeping such animals in need away from stressful shelter environments, but you’re also creating room for new arrivals. You’ll also be in a better position to offer potential adopters with valuable information about the dog you’re fostering to enable them to decide whether it’s a good match for them or not.

Fostering is certainly a great experience, buts it requires great commitment on your part. So you may want to talk with your family first, and if you’re all okay with it, go ahead and help even just one dog. I’m sure, he’ll be grateful to you for your kind gesture.

Donate Items To Shelters

When we talk about making a donation to shelters, most people think about money first. However, there are several items that are needed, which if you can donate, will be appreciated very much. These include things like leashes, towels, dishes, food items, toys, beds, chains, cleaning supplies as well as newspapers.

Most shelters usually have donation policies, alongside a list of the things they require most. Pay a visit to your local shelter to find out how you can help.

Offer Transport To Rescued Dogs

Another way to assist sheltered or rescued animals is by being an animal transporter. Thousands of rescued dogs are transported to different shelters every year. Some of these dogs are rescued from rural areas. You can volunteer to help transport such animals to these shelters or drive them to their new owner or foster homes. Be sure to check with your local animal rescue organization to find out more on how you can help in transporting rescued animals.

Work As A Volunteer In A Shelter

Many animals shelters today have several volunteer programs, so finding what you can do best during your free time shouldn’t be a problem. Duties range from taking dogs for a walk, cleaning up the kennels, mailing applications, assisting with fundraising events to making phone calls. If you reside near a rescue animal shelter, pay them a visit to find out how you can volunteer and make a difference.

As you can see above, there’s so much you can do to change the lives of animals in shelters without adopting them. Feel free to choose any of the above methods to help these animals in need.